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    Z End

    I have formed Raajaa Bakhshi Party which is an politico economic party.I have developed and patented all things and more which were objectified in the website.The patents have been transferred to my party which will be commencing production to build an economic base.After that an attempt will be mase to win acceptance of the party politically and take over reins of government.I will not have an executive role in the government of India.I have selected Miss Aayushi Kumaari to be president of India and Miss Sarala Kumaari to be the prime minister with defence portfolio.Miss Priya Kumaari who has spearheaded development of my technology is head of the research and development wing of the party.Its been a long and very rough ride but I feel we have made it.I thank all who visted my websites and wish them all well.


    Ashwini Kumar Puri