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    War Crimes against NATO Countries?

    Weapons with dangerous levels of chemicals and radiation have been used by NATO in its war against Saddam Hussein. Children are being born deformed or dead and the situation is so hopeless that medical experts are advising against having children. This is not the first time that NATO i.e. Western European races have committed genocide. The first was against native Americans i.e. Red Indians. This evil race has got far too strong to be defeated without self-destruction and the propagation of this race in my view is against my conscience. I would rather the world be destroyed then this race be permitted to live. This blog is a warning to the specified race to mend its ways. It is not my intension to destroy the world but unless the specified race does not change (it was the first and only race to use nuclear weapons) the world, due to this race will be automatically destroyed. Mend your ways fast, the time is running out. Consumption of alcoholic beverages is not only bad for health but makes people insanely psychotic.