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    Variable Pressure Life Support System


    This system uses feature that can only be understood after completely reading other essays.  The life support system will constructed in polymers. There will be chambers through which by wheels you can change pressure.  The lower the pressure the lighter the vessel becomes till it liftoff. The life support system will be powered by water power The system will have artificial variation in temperature just like on earth. Agriculture will be supported by human and animal waste as fertilizer.  There will be bonsai fruit trees. Initially the support systems will have in addition to human beings cows’ bees chicken and dogs.

    The system can have modern amenities for learning playing and having fun. The agriculture will be highly automatized with very little work for humans. Water will be extracted from the atmosphere when it has high humidity. It will be passed through layer of soil to enrich it with minerals when required for human consumption.

    This system will expand earth’s capacity to support life tens of thousands of times and I can safely say that if a prototype once developed is successfully tested we will never have to leave planet earth for another world.

    I am trying to have a prototype developed in India. If anyone who reads this also wants to try and develop it he or she is most welcome.