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    Using DNA to Verify Analysis of Historians

    I felt after reflection that Aryans, Jews and Native Americans have a common ancestry as the colour of eyes, skin and hair is the same.  This refutes Hitler and many historians claim that certain European races are the same as Aryans.  Europeans have blond hair, blue eyes and white skin very different to Aryans.  I have read in a write up on the internet that Native Americans and Aryans have very similar DNA.  The analysis of DNA can be verified for Jews as well.  Before this analysis I had suggested in one of my essays on history that Jews, Aryans and Native Americans were connected to the Egyptian civilization and were dispersed due to invasion of a white race who used trees to build houses and rendered the area as desert.  

    In another analysis I have just made I suggest that the Indus Valley Civilizations which dispersed to South,  East and West India due to unlimited cutting of trees which rendered the land without rainfall were originally white in color but have become largely black have a common ancestry to Persians and Europeans.  The Dravidian race changed colour due to Inter sexual relations with Adivasis who were the original inhabitants of India and may have a common ancestry to the Aborigines of Australia and Native Africans.  

    I have also suggested that hydraulic pumps operated by turning wheels may have been used in Egypt to build the pyramids and that Native Americans reached America with the help of hot air balloons.  

    Please do DNA analysis to prove or disprove my claim and analysis