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    Tribute to Mom

    Mum whose name was Shubh Chandrika, was an incredibly beautiful woman. She was a medical graduate. She got married at the age of twenty-four to Yugal Raj Puri a mechanical and electrical engineer who worked for the Indian railways. She had twin daughters at the age of twenty- In dad\'s family they were very gifted sports persons one daughter was snatched and handed over to Americans for adoption the other daughter was with her till she was three she too went for adoption at the age of three to America. She had a son me at the age of twenty-seven at the age of twenty-eight granddad met with a stroke and was paralysed mum went along with my sister and me to meet her dad,  at that time an Indian army officer col Jai Gopal Singh Kendal was there he drugged and raped her and did something to my three-year-old sister top. Both got herpes simplex an incurable venereal disease and committed suicide at the age of twenty-eight. Among her achievements in her short span of life was the development of pomegranate farms in Sholapur and citrus farms in Nagpur pomegranate peel extract is an aid in the treatment of meningitis citrus peel extract is an aid in the treatment of degenerative diseases like cancer diabetes and many more. She died unsung and unacknowledged another woman took her place with her name dad was transferred to Jhansi.