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    Towards free Communication

    With the advent of the Grid soon we will have free and fast communication.  The Grid was made by CERN by splitting the second into countless units through the atomic clock.  This has enabled communication on one optical fiber or wire for the entire net.  Each user is given a coded slot and all communication as stated uses a single line.  This makes communication ten thousand times faster and also ten thousand times cheaper I. e.  It becomes free.  It must be stressed that this development is sorely needed to bring the web in everyone’s reach.  It must also be stated that the internet is not green.  Three percent of the electricity of the USA is used to run the internet.  It is very expensive and ecologically damaging technology.  

    The concept of the atomic clock being used to split seconds can also be used in telecommunications.  All the world’s phones can be carried on one frequency.  This will make phones free too.  Governments will realize direct taxes and indirect taxes which hit the poor will be reduced or done away with.