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    Towards Low Cost Construction

    Polymers which are derivatives of plastic can be harder than steel.  There is a lot of plastic waste in petroleum refineries and these refineries offer money to lift it.  Formerly polymers were made through an expensive process making them unviable.  New methods of making polymers were developed in the Soviet Union and are now taught in the University of Moscow.  Polymers use cryo chemistry and radiation chemistry.  Polymers are now made by reducing temperature to – 120 C and subjected to irradiation.  The hardness of polymers depends upon intensity and duration of radiation.  This is a very inexpensive process which is highly completive with steel.  Polymers have limitless uses where formerly there were only metals and steel alloys.  Motors, engines bridges air conditioners and buildings can be made with polymers at the fraction of the cost of metals.  Polymers are very light and if buildings are constructed with these then the cost is reduced to a fraction and they are also much safer in hazardous places where there is an earthquake problem