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    Towards Free Energy and Transportation

    The concept of free energy is based on the premise that electrical energy required for electrolysis of water is less than the energy released on the combustion of hydrogen with pure oxygen.  

    In an electricity generating unit solar panels can be used to create direct current.  This current is used to separate hydrogen and oxygen from water with electrodes in capsulated in polymer tubes.  The water is also kept in a polymer tank.  The separated hydrogen and oxygen are recombined in the boiler to generate electricity.  The water vapour condensed is returned to the polymer tank.  This way we have more energy to use then what we have used to get it.  NASA is using this concept for space.  

    Transportation systems can also use this concept.  A dynamo can recharge the battery.  

    Ideal transportation system.  It is like a hydrogen airship of the mid twentieth century but uses helium instead.  The water powered ship can be electronically guided through centralised command.  This is the ideal form of transportation for developing countries and if we take the cost of road, rail and port construction, also the cheapest.  The air ships are light and can hence travel slower and faster than present day systems.  The ships can be small ten sweaters and each family can have one.  The people travelling can enter details of where they want to travel and the centrally guided system selects height, speed and separates one ship from others.  This form of transport is green and does the least ecological damage.  It is not suitable for present day cities which have cluttered dwellings.  Perhaps in the future cities will have large houses which are spaced and have their own cultivation on roofs and gardens.  Then this system can be used in cities.