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    The Last Word

    The last word was written in 2007 at a time when I was experiencing a lot of family problems and was under intense pressure.  I had long known that the mysteries of Egyptian and Native American architecture had not been resolved.  Before writing the last word I had felt as is stated that pumps of certain kinds had been used in Egypt.  This as the Egyptians used pumps to irrigate land above the water level. it had been known that native America had artisans who could reach where helicopters could nit.  Only recently it struck me that weight of a vessel can be increased or reduced by varying air pressure which was how Native Americans originally reached America.  The DNA of Arya’s and Native Americans is similar so I felt they had common ancestry.  There is a lot of conjecture in the last word.  There are many instances where the analysis is faulty. so the last word has to be read with a great deal of skepticism and open mindedness.  There is a lot of development of ideas even within the last word.  The section where light bulbs have been conceived is nonsense.

    The contents of this work including, but not limited to, the accuracy of events, people, and places depicted; opinions expressed; permission to use previously published materials included; and any advice given or actions advocated are solely the responsibility of the author, who assumes all liability for said work and indemnifies the publisher against any claims stemming from publication of the work.All Rights ReservedCopyright © 2013 by Ashwini Kumar Puri No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted, downloaded, distributed, reverse engineered, or stored in or introduced into any information storage and retrieval system, in any form or by any means, including photocopying and recording, whether electronic or mechanical, now known or hereinafter invented without permission in writing from the publisher. RoseDog Books701 Smithfield StreetPittsburgh, PA 15222Visit our website at ISBN: 978-1-4809-0019-6eISBN: 978-1-4349-3453-6 The Last Word.It`s now acknowledged that global warming is  a result of industrial agriculture. Artificial fertilizers and pesticides are derived from petroleum, which has byproducts like diesel, petrol aviation fuel, etc. Modern transportation systems were justified because of this. There is at present a very dissatisfactory arrangement to dispose sewage into rivers and seas. This sewage can be processed into fertilizer, and considerable pollution can be prevented and dependence on artificial fertilizer stopped. Tobacco and neem leaves are natural pesticides, and urine, which has both urea and uric acid, can be used. This is how plant life supported itself for billions of years, and this is the future if Planet Earth is to be saved.I was looking through a partially transparent red sheet. I asked questions and saw images at dawn. I asked for the chemical particle and saw three objects enclosed in a circle. I do not understand this. It may be metal, nonmetal, and something else. Then I asked for the life particle and saw the blue sky, then clouds. Finally I saw the Indian and Pakistani platinum one rupee coins. Then i saw the new moon and finally a script that seemed Persian but was writing from left to right rather than right to left.Polymers can be prefabricated and large houses for large families made, which have helium central air conditioning, which is cheaper than operating fans, ground water pumps, solar panels, and windmills for mechanical energy for pumps and air conditioning. There is no need for electricity when wind is good.Space travel: space vessels with cryogenic engines, nuclear power plants, and suspended animation for long-term travel.Citrus: Peels of citrus, when eaten, give children extraordinary intelligence, good looks, health, and very good sports ability. Types of citrus: grapefruit(Neeva), malta, mosomi, tangerine, and Chinese orange. Grapefruit peels settle painful kidneys, gastritis, arthritis, etc. Malta settles painful intestinal infection. Mosomi settles diabetes, and Chinese orange marmalade settles acidity. Grapefruit juice settles warts with heat application.Production of polymers: irradiate plastic at minus one hundred and twenty degrees C. You have polymers. Demonstration: Go to any hospital. There is mortuary-minus hundred and twenty Celcius. There is cancer department-cobalt 60 gun.Production of helium: irradiate any natural gas, and helium keeps coming out.Cryogenic technology: Sodium vapour is mixed with frozen ice on melting the sodium and water converts to hydrogen.Suspended animation: The living body is cooled to three degrees centigrade. Below that water expands and the cell membrane bursts. Living organisms can be kept alive for billions of years. The space vessel must have helium/vacuum chamber for easy liftoff and landing.Indian sweetener: MIshri. This sweetener does not have chemicals in processing and hence does not cause diabetes like sugar. It is pure sucrose.Anorexia nervosa and intestinal blockage: Indian Muslim naturopathic medicine: har har, aamlaa seeds, etc., settles these conditions.Aloe vera juice also settles this conditionSoft drink: Tobacco contains citric acid and nicotine: separate the citric acid, make the soft drink with concentrated citric acid and tobacco water.Soft drink can also be made using citrus peels extract.At home the peels can be put in a mixie with water and churned.Approapriate flavouring can then be added.This preparation also settles many types of cancers.Drug de-addiction: Tibetan medicine: Sangdak stles drug addiction with one dose of two pills. If there are complications as there are at times, allopathic drug immipramine and amytriptiline help.Address: Tibetan Medical and Astro Institue,13 Jaipur Estate, Nizamuddin East, New Delhi, India Children must never be permitted to have chills. They cause catastrophic psychosexual changes, obesity, and many more problems.Rice cultivation causes mosquito spawning, which leads to AIDS. How Red Indian Palaces were built: The stones etc. were lifted by hot air ballons, as was work done on vertical interface mountains.This is just cogecture but certain designs on mountains in America on mountains can only be reached by helicopter.They could have been also by hot air balloons.Probably they were built by hydraulic pumps as in Egypt.How the pyramids were built: They were built with mobile hydraulic pumps, which were operated by turning wheels.Aryas,Jews, Red Indians, and most Muslims of the Middle East and Pakistanis are the same: They are originally from Egypt. The Aryas knew about Egyptian astrology.In traditional assault it is standard practice to try as soon as possible to capture the kings palace.Ancient Egypt had no defences.Invaders came(I am assuming they were white as Arabs are white)They came for looting treasures like gold.They went to the kings palace and found very little as the servants used to remove everything.They fled.The Pharoah knew they would be coming with a much bigger force.Egypt was abandoned.They left their pets behind with plenty of food.How the Aryans came to India: Whites came and removed us from our houses in Egypt. They did not know how to develop land. It became waste land. They let us go. Jews stayed in Palestine. Red Indians and Aryans left with gold etc. The Aryans exchanged the gold for animals, food, grains, vegetables, etc., and finally came to North India, which was abandoned and a waste land. They dug wells. There was water everywhere. They sowed and developed the land. Alexander and the Greeks came. We got onto elephants: You can`t fight but save injury. The horse men ran around and charged forward. Therewas water and mosquitoes ahead. A mosquito bit Alexander, and he died of malaria. Had he reached South India, there were better houses than they were used to. There would have been permanent occupation: You cannot have houses without defence. The Aryans never built them.The Red Indians also wandered everywhere: There were people and they finally crossed the Bering Strait and came to America, which did not have humans. There is lot of weather turbulence. It is difficult to cultivate anything: At one stroke, everything is wiped out. The bison were the only alternative; they have made it extinct.Blacks and whites were killing us everywhere.Germans killed Jews and they claimed to be of same stock as aryas.Dravidian medical staff has infiltrated North India.Lots of North Indian casualties in medical centres due to deliberate bad treatment.Bloody Aryas you killed Hews,they say.Their food is fermented before cooking.Alcohol is in their blood from before they are born.These peop[le have very bad character.How North India was built: Muslim kings came: there were no houses: they went back and came with strong men(now sikhs). As they did not get the houses, they became Hindus and when Hindus said, "You can`t build them," they became sikhs and started building. That was enough for the British to get a foothold.Punjab had a Sikh King: they know how to do it: there were five thousand British and nine thousand South Indians. They went for the King`s palace; it was captured, and the entire force surrendered.We were happy with Muslim kings-they protected us from Dravidians; we did not like the British at all. There was revolt in the form of what is now known as the Indian Mutiny or as by Indians the failed war of Independence. revolt. The Anglo Indians sent a wire and the Punjabi forces were disarmed. They built sewer after sewer after sewer. Dead rivers. We used to have well water: they made movies like: Ganga teraa paanee amrit: river gangaa your water is the gift of God. Beggars everywhere. Sick, sick, sick.Her parents were rich as San Sieros on their ten thousand acres of land.Citrus peels can be intercropped with wheat and vegetables.Due to global warming the shade that trees bring be save the crops from getting damaged. Fully automatic defence gun: It has a pivot, sensor, and processor. Four barrels: one anti-aircraft, one anti-missile, one anti-tank, one anti-soldier goes around and around, up and down. No need for soldier, works automatically. Hurry up and make it. Explanation: The gun is attached to a hot air balloon. It works automatically with correct magnetisation. There is a soldier`s helmet, too. The anti-soldier gun must have poison injection gun. All the missiles will chase anything that runs. It goes slowly, the aircraft turns and runs, and the missile chases it. It goes to the enemy. It can have a nuclear bomb. It will keep chasing. When the plane returns to base, the nuclear bomb detonates.Further explanation: the anti-tank gun: it has poison gas. Anti-aircraft: Nuclear Bomb. I have told you about anti-missile.Fingerprint Banking: Sensors can be made and attached to lockers, ATMs, counters, telephones, etc. Electronics and communication: Digital codes are made by minute changes in current and voltage. Processors are not required, just decoders. For mobile phones: there is an atomic clock: split second into as many sub units you like.. .Water supply: make winter very cold: there is snow in the mountains: then make summer very hot: snow melts: water, water, water. How to learn English: you have to listen to old songs  for learning correct pronunciation; the new ones are worthless. There are three to a thousand meanings per word; the method of spelling and pronunciation does not match: the spelling and pronunciation of every word has to be learned and memorized. You can`t anticipate: they are forcing a ridiculous language on us. It can be learned. You have to have a computer and internet. You don`t need mobile anything. There is a telephone: attach the internet through the modem. It costs ten thousand. Dogs have money; spend it on food. The local telephone company will be buying junk practically free. They will rent it: everything, computers, printers, web cams, faxes, scanner, the dogs aren`t interested in food anymore. We are very poor people, the restaurateur said. They give him ten rupees each and every day: more than a thousand. The bank will be made; they won`t have to spend anything. Once you start saving, it is an irreversible process. Busy, busy, busy Fingerprint banking: sensors can be attached to doors, lockers, telephones, ATMs, and counters. There`s no need to learn another language or script than your own.You have Embassy in Brazil: take it from there. Design for a carat has a water tank pedal, which drives a dynamo. There is hydrogen and oxygen production through electrolysius. The positive wire is in a hooked pipe in the water tank. Oxygen gets in that way. The other is the tank negative. There is a bicycle steerer. The right brake-like lever mixes oxygen and hydrogen: there is spontaneous combustion and the car shoots forward: it is made of polymers and is lighter than a human. The left brake-like opens the rear valves. There is reverse action on the rear wheel. The dynamo keeps producing electricity and in turn hydrogen and oxygen.House: it is made of polymers with a water tank and groundwater flexible polymer filter. There are hydrogen and oxygen tanks. Production is started with a Tibetan prayer wheel: there is a double magnet that produces high-voltage. This goes to the water tank and produces hydrogen and oxygen. Houses are occupied in winter: there is mercury under pressure: when it cools down, a vacuum is created in the mercury chamber and valves are released. Oxygen and hydrogen are mixed, and spontaneous combustion causes steam to circulate: there is heating, when it heats: the mercury expands and the valves are shut. When it warms further, the increased mercury pressure opens a hydrogen valve, pressure is released, and there is cooling. The escape of hydrogen causes a vacuum in the hydrogen under pressure when it shuts and a rear valve opens: this goes on, mercury shrinks and the valve closes. Water; when you open the tap, it turns a polymer blade, which in turn turns the water suction in the polymer filter: a vacuum is created and water is drawn. Rooftop agriculture and citrus can be implemented with large families and pets. There is globin bulb, which operates at any voltage and the circuit is completed with earthing.Spaceship: It has to be manned: start pedaling and making hydrogen and oxygen: turn lever 1: there is a big mix and spontaneous combustion cases lift off. Lever 2: there is a smaller hole: less thrust, lever 3, an even smaller hole: you are in orbit: lever 4; smallest ole: escape. Swith off: go into suspended animation at three degrees through hydrogen thermostat. When you reach a star, light increases temperature and you wake up. Go on and on. Urine converts to liquid protein at three degrees with groundwater: pass it through a polymer tube with  pressure filters: increase and reduce temperature: there are pressure changes, which cause exchange of gas, making all organic substances, including poisonous substances. You need opium, tobacco, citrus peels, and natural nutrients provided in Muslim naturopathy. Side-effects are overcome by smoking and chewing Indian tobacco and opium every three days, having nutrients and neeva (grapefruit peels) every three days. Cell function: the cell is a solid unit with valves; it operates through changes in pressure; knowledge of chemistry is required; there are isotopes or arrangements that are different but have the same combination. Cells replicate with something found only in themselves with the aid of citric and malic acid: there are many isotopic varieties of malic acid; life isn`t possible without them; they also help in cell regeneration. White blood cells: they absorb poisonous emissions from harmful bacteria, make isotopic changes, and throw them out. These are harmful to the bacteria. It takes time. AIDS destroys this ability. It disorientates the white blood cells: animals are not affected by AIDS: the white blood cells of animals are compatible with human red blood cells; do an experiment with a microscope: take a blood sample and reduce temperature gradually. The white blood cells die; the reds don`t; take another sample: raise the temperature: the reds die; the whites don`t: mix the two: observe: there are no changes: AIDS people are ready to be injected.Study: it is not possible without an economic base: that has to be laid first: study of economics, politics, sociology, etc., is required. Once this base has been lain, serious study can start. Medical study requires advanced knowledge of chemistry and physics. These require advanced knowledge of mathematics. The neurotransmission is done through bipolar magnetism. Magnetic fields are created on particular stimuli to alert the brain: you`ve made your educational study, statistics is required for implementation: there are permutations and combinations, probability to predict ranges: this is not taught properly: you are given formulas. That`s all there is, collection, presentation, and analysis of data. You have to select relevant data. Present databases have been made without educational study, have ruthlessly wasted resources. The presentation of data requires fractions, percentiles, decimals, and classification: there is lots of wastage using charts that are not at all required, require skill to interpret and confuse seekers.Psychology: it is meant for understanding processes to make learning easier: it is meant for educators; no one else.Psychological tests: Words have multiple meanings, especially in psychological tests. The people tested are revealing something that is completely misinterpreted by the psychologist. Each multiple answer has words with multiple meanings: first word: two to four meanings, second word: the same and so on. It is fiction. It is not supposed to be done without medical reference: get your database of psychologists: see if they have medical references for the people they have tested: they will not: they are master criminals: why does a physician refer to a psychiatrist: he doesn`t bother if you take or don`t take medicine: it is the will of the patient: if you take only part medication, then reference is made not for anything else. If people have broken the law, they have to be referred to police, not psychologists. The police will tell them you cannot be accountable for credit cards: these people have to be caught.History; the independence of India was taken away by its republic and was further eroded with federalisation: subjection will be completed with full statehood, from which new life will emerge, which will reform society and give back its independence.Geography: the independence of India altered its borders through the creation of another state, which created artificial boundaries and escalated defence costs. The Hindu Aryans were left without state or independence; they were trapped by Kashmiris on one side and Dravidians on the other; this led to their mal development and eviction from India.The philosophy of India is ambiguous: it was created by astrologers under God`s direction. It is the most useful tool in world defense; it is taught under religious observances. A multi-religious Indian gets to know everything.Fingerprint Banking: doors, lockers, ATMs, telephones, computers, counters can be operated through fingerprint sensors: there`s no need to learn a language other than your own. There are voice-recognition machines that can be similarly used.Someone has got to know about me: has been harassing me for more than two years: does it through my parents, the local Anand Vihar police, and Dr. Sunil Mittal of Cosmos Hospitals, Defence Enclave, Delhi. My relations with my parents are not good: this person uses them and the others specified to have me interred in psychiatry under Dr. Sunil Mittal. The person has bribed many people, including the Anand Vihar police. They have been harassing me for over two years: thrice they have forced me to go for treatment to Dr. Sunil Mittal. Whenever I go, children die in NOIDA. I am not taking medicines anymore: they decided to catch the culprits. They take me away at the flimsiest excuse. I am fifty-two years old without a house.There`s nothing these people can offer me. I do not know why they are doing it; I don`t like them; don`t want anything to do with them. Why are they interfering with me? Never speak to me. Just keep troubling from sidelines. Please have the police, Dr. Mittal, and those connected through revelations investigated and brought to justice: I am paralysed: there`s nowhere for me to go: the police come and take me away. Please stop them.The final solution for India: Indians earn foreign exchange through prostitution: it is implemented by the administration through education and legal services, which are enforced by the security forces and approved by the political structure. There is a final solution for these people. Every one of them has to die.Development: Capitalism depends on lower inputs in new technology: bigwigs fade; others come; if inputs in new technology are more than old technology, then communism takes over. This is not the case; the present capitalists have high salaries: they will be wiped out as will government: new capitalists will take over development.No mathematics prize: irrational mathematics is the gateway to the anti-universe: there isn`t any prize: there is stunted development. There is anti-magnetism and anti-electricity: no telescope; no microscope can detect it: you require knowledge of biology: einstein never had it: you can`t unify fields without it.