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    Secrets of Plants and Animals Function

    Plant and animal life functions through changes in temperature and pressure.  Plants function by relatively large changes in pressure like temperatures during day and night.  Animal cells function by minute changes in temperature.  


    Plants roots have valves.  During the night it is cooler and vacuum conditions develop and the roots suck in nutrients like water and, manure and urine.  During the day it is warmer and pressure conditions cause the root to shoot downwards.  Similarlarly the variation in day and night temperature causes the stem to shoot upwards and expand.  The leaves suck in air at night and carbon dioxide from the air is converted along with water to produce glucose and oxygen (6H2O+6CO2-C6H12O6+6O2.  At sunrise the oxygenated air is expelled into the atmosphere.  


    Animal cells also function with small changes in temperature in pressure but with a difference.  Cells have replicating function too.  The cells take in nutrients from the blood due to lower temperature and pressure.  They expel due to higher temperature and pressure.  Depending upon the nutrients from the blood the cells replicate faster or slower.  Lungs function as there is a warm and cool place in the lungs.  The hemoglobin expels caboxiheamoglobin in the warm chamber and sucks in air in the cool part.  White blood cells function in the immune process by ingesting waste from bacteria.  The cells then alter the allotropic form of bacterial wast5e and fool the bacterinto ingesting it which kills the bacteria.  


    Nerves in the animal body function through electromagnetism.  A magnetic field is maintained in the nerve sensory changes alter the magnetic field which sends pleasurable or pain impulses to the brain.