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    Political Analysis of modern India

    It is my view that India at independence partition would not have taken place had not the heir to Nehru,  Indira Gandhi not married a Parsi.  It may be recalled that Muslims have had centuries of differences with the Parsis who were evicted from Iran.  Let us go into the reasons why they were evicted.  The Parsis were rich business community of Iran at one time before the advent of Islam.  They used to give loans to poor people to drink alcohol of which they were the producers.  When the poor people failed to repay the loans their property was confiscated.  This went on till they owned practically all of Iran.  They were evicted from Iran and sent away with all their wealth.  This was the pattern in the Middle East and it happened to rich Jews too.  Most Muslims of the Middle East were formally poor Jews who lost their property in a manner similar to the poor people of Iran.  The rich Jews too were evicted from the Middle East with all their wealth.  When the Parsis arrived in India seeking asylum they were warned by the King of Gujrat not to marry with Indians to which they agreed.  Having married a Parsi,  Nehru should have barred Indira Gandhi from politics and ended her political ambitions.  This was not done and instead she accompanied him on his journeys everywhere.  It was only inevitable that Muslims of India felt insecure and opted for another nation and India was divided.  Nehru’s only claim to being a politician was his education at Harrow and Cambridge in the UK where everyone is taught that Muslims are enemies.  Nehru as the first prime Minister of India was a poor strategist and when Indian forces over ran Goa he was confident taking back Indian Territory from China in Aksai Chin would be as easy.  It is a little known fact that India attacked Chinese forces in Aksai Chin and then china responded on all fronts.  India was a laughing stock.  Once Nehru died in 1964 Morarji Desai an advocate of prohibition was the senior leader who stood along with Shastri to become prime minister of India.  The Congress was poor in defense as defense is to prevent war and not provoke the adversary into a war and winning.  Had Desai become prime minister there would have been the 1965 war.  After shastri died again Desai stood and should have been elected but instead Indira Gandhi became prime minister.  The nefarious designs of this women were repeatedly exposed when she broke the army line of command when Gen Rawley was supersede to the army chief’s post by a Parsi.  Another war followed.  This women then broke the judicial line when four Supreme Court judges were superseded.  At the advice of her Parsi general this woman detonated a nuclear device at a time when it was appropriate to harness nuclear power for electricity.  India was ostracized from the nuclear club.  This women then started compulsory sterilization which met with so much discontent that an emergency was imposed.  On this woman’s ouster after emergency was lifted Morarji desai became prime minister and relations with Pakistan normalised.  Indira Gandhi provocative policies next targeted the Sikhs and there was intense problem in Punjab on her reelection in 1980.  The problem in Punjab blew out of all proportions when this woman ordered the capture of the holiest shrine of the Sikhs.  On this woman’s assassination in 1984 a dark chapter in India’s political history seemed to be thankfully ending.  Due to her assassination the Congress which had no chance before her assassination was reelected and this woman’s son became prime minister.  There was trouble in Sri Lanka and this woman’s son helped Sri Lanka which was opposed by the Tamil community of that country.  It was inevitable that he be assassinated for interfering in the internal affairs of another country against a community which has sizable population in India.  Politics in India then meandered till the Bharatiya janata Party came to power and at once had five atomic devices detonated.  When this was done had Pakistan been wise and not detonated its device India would have been the world’s pariah.  Finally the Congress returned to power in 2004 and this time a Sikh became prime minister.  Sikhs means double defense trouble as both Muslims and Chinese have differences with them.  This prime minister led the country to nuclear energy projects at a time when South Korea had successfully made a prototype fusion reactor.  Nuclear electricity is a highly polluting industry and the spent fuel i8s as expensive to dispose as the technology itself.  The used fuel is reprocessed for more reactors after which it is deadly radioactive waste.  Briton is spending 65 billion pounds to dispose of its fuel.  God save India.

    in the post nehru gandhi era india has taken to a path which encourages foreign investment to import technology and finance to create employment and provide goods and services in the name of reforms.this strategy has beem done in dozens of african latin american and asian countries.
    Strategy-the world bank gives loans to develop infrastructure to exploit natural resources.this generates employment and demand for consumer goods at exorbitant rates.the country falls into debt trap ie it is unable to pay for imports natural resources have long since been depleted.the world bank demands that its loans be repaid.the international monetary funds in to refinance debts and demands buildings and agricultural produce as also demands austerity.people are poverty stricken removed from their houses and seek asylum in developed countries where  the only jobs they find are cleaning public toilets and slaughtering animals many not even that they are put in detention centres which are worse than jails many are deported.this is a pattern seen from capitalist countries since the end of the soviet union.cubans can hold their heads high nit having fallen o
    prey to financial sharks,
    The reforms being done by the present givernment in india will only lead to the same situation in india but indians will have nowhere to go they will be removed from their houses and have to live off bread and die a miserable death of malnutrition
    thus development strategy is contrasted by  Russia which has refused reform and developed their own superior nanotechnology.

    The flying saucer I conceived of has been made by NASA the american space agency after this it is ruinous to develop India the ways its being done by the BJP government once the flying saucer goes into production those who find it difficult to cope on earth can be sent to the atmosphere.a large number of refugees have been reaching Europe from Asia and Africa.These people can be dispatched into the atmosphere once the variable pressure life support system has been tested.