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    I have so far not made an original contribution in this field apart from alerting the Russian state duma about its potential many years ago.

    Nanotechnology has tremendous potential in making the world green. It uses only a fraction of alternative technological inputs and also requires only a fraction of energy to operate.
    A reason why the Russian economy is not growing ad rapidly and others is because nanotechnology is replacing other technology in that country. There is considerable improvement in the quality of life without greater costs. In short Russia is the greenest country.
    Information about Russia is blocked by NATO.  Russia has developed the Bio Resonance Imaging machine which is more accurate faster and far cheaper than its alternative the positron emission tomography machine.  It at the same time does not have any radiation.
    This is only an example. Russian biotechnology is the most advanced in the world and only contacting the concerned departments in Russia will reveal the full potential.