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    My Medical Development.

    My mother a medical graduate and all my medical concerns were initially handled by allopaths.I was given all vaccines but for some reason not innoculated for tubercolosis.I was innoculated for tubercolosis in 1993 after tests showed no anti bodies which meant no vaccination.As a child I was mostly healt5hy till my seventh year apart from two injuries.At four I was standing on the arm of a sofa trying to reach the top of a cupboard when my cousin lifted me from below my knees.My knees buckled and I fell head downwards and the back of my kneck hit the corner of an elevation for the fire place.I had to have a stitch but what the medical practioner did not realise was damage to blood vessels at the right rear of my neck.This damage still afflicts me till this day and there is infection and blockage of veins which slows the flow of blood through the Carotid artery.My second injury occured about the same time.My sister did needle work and stuck a needle downwards into the carpet.It was assumed it was an accident but it was not.She was chasing me and I was bare foot and I stepped on the needle which was sharp end up.The needle broke where it pierced and after an X Ray confirmed a broken needle I was operated.Years later after many problems with my sister I discovered she was not actually my sister but someone who had been planted in the hospital and my real siter was taken away.I also later discovered who my sister was:Chris Evert the tennis player.I used to watch her playing and she was my first crush.
    At seven I had lunch for two months at the Bombay Gymkhana club as my parents could not make arrangements.The food,though tasty was full of harmful chemicals and was spicy.I was a very strong baby.I lost my baby flab,my muscles were dissolved,I got asthma and my eyes went bad.A sports career for me was dashed.Both my families had outstanding sportsmen and women which explained why my sister was snatched.Asthma became a life long affliction and allopaths,even if they have no cure provide medicine.I was given cortisone and many other drugs.
    At age 18 I was given Texan Tobasco sauce which was about fifteen years old and very sharp.My pscho sexual circuitry altered and I drifted into mental illness and nasal congestion.I was given Clorpromazine,Trifluoperazine and immipramine.It too about six years and I recovered nicely very happy but my official studies suffered.I was a prolific reader never bothered about examinations and the course.I became super intelligent and knowledgeable but lack of a qualification was limitation to getting paid work.My father was annoyed that I never became an accountant.
    At the time my family went to Darjeeling,a hill station in India where I corrected a woman who was telling something incorrect to her daughter.She invited me to her house where a psychologist from Oxford who had fallen on hard times was present.I becames friends with the girl and the psychologist but shortly before leaving Darjeeling there was a disagreement with the girls mother and we decided not to meet again.I used to meet the psychologist to and became under his control.My father who was in the railways was ordered to extend his stay in Darjeeling by a day by the order of the generasl manager.The girl had been kept indoors but ventured out on the last day I was in the place as she thought I had left.The psychologist wanted a newspaper and we went where we normally never went.The woman and her daughter were there.The woman smiled and said:So you decided to stay.The psychologist moved away and I followed him.After which I left Darjeeling.The girl was very sick.I had warned her agaisnt strong spices as I warned everyone.
    We were at the time posted in Calcutta where there were 10 to twelve hours of power cuts.I decided to go to our house in Dalhousie which is another hill station.My younger cousin who was in DElhi said she wil accompany me.I had warned her brother agaisnt having chillies which irritated my psychologist cousin who used to say whats wrong with chillies as all psychologists say as it is their bread and butter.In Dalhousie my cousin told me to grow a beard and then said that it was looking very nice and when I was leaving Dalhousie I told her I would cut it off and she told me to keep it.I knew nothing of the fact that Muslims in India wore beards and may get into trouble with the police who may suspect that I am a Muslim and thats just what happened.My cousin’s uncle was in the Central Bureau of Investigationm as Directer so she knew all about it.My father was in the mean time posted to Assam where there was turmoil.I reached Calcutta and my sister complained about the beard and I rung my father to go to darjeeling again.My father told me to fly to Gauhati.Earlier I had also wriiten to the Chairman of Railways against injustice to my father.Nothi8ng annoying in the letter except my nick name which was Shunnu and his name was Manual.Everyone employee in the railways including my fathjer got after me and I ran away from Gauhati,got lost and asked a po9liceman for directions.He observed my beard and asked me to accompany him to the police station as it was a border area.In the station I first told an assumed name and then my real name.I gave my mothers calcutta address and he deliberately wrote it wrong.My father’s Gauhati addrees was with his designation at the railway rest house.Neither of the grams reached and I was jailed under the non criminal lunacy act section 13.I spent twent days in Jail where the food was full of pesticides and developed severe nerve problems.My father who had advertised in the papers came and tpook me away.My mother who had been my only friend became worse than a step mother.The woman who was supposed to be my sister was worse.The psychiatric medicines no longer worked but a doc in Calcutta suggested haloperidol which stabilised me.
    My father retired and we came to Delhi to build our house.There have been more than a dozen confinements.I got interestted in Samskrit in 1985 and looked up the meaning of my name:Ashwinikumar:It stated:Father of the first physician.My grand father had named me that and I knew it was for a reason.At the time I was suffering from poisoning and skin infections.Most I settled with charcoal poweder but then I got strptococcus acne.I put charcoal and it becamne much worse.I then remembered that grapefruits and malta oranges used to come from my maternal grand fathers farm.I thought of applying grapefruit juice to the acne in sunlight and it worked,The irritation stopped and went completely with washing with hot water.Graspefruit juice also settles many skin conditions.I then thought of eating the grapefruit peel and it settles many ailments like gastritis,damaged kidneys,arthgritis spondilitis.Grapefruit peels also improve intelligence make you beautiful and heaLthy as do Malta peels.Other citrus peels like mosami settle diabetes and also severely damaged kidneys along with grapefruit peel.
    In 1992 there was the festival of Tibet in India and I consulted a Tibetan physician.I found the medicine very good for the nerves and I became a very astute driver.Myu mother the medical graduate never liked my foray into Tibetan medicine.Tibetan medicine settles acute nerve disorder,many cancers without surgery,asthma,sinusitis,acute throat disorder and possiblely many other ailments.
    In 1999 someone poisoned my food with motor or machine oil and I got symptoms of anarexia Norvosa and intestinal blockage.A well wished had left an ayurvedic preparation and as a last resort I tried it.It eased my problem immediately.Later I discovered it was ground Amla seeds,Ginger roots and some other natural substances and was known as Triphala Churan but made my a Muslim hakeem(Physician).
    I have also suffered from intactable dissentry which responded to a Unani preparation Sannon Khas.I have suffered innumerable times from viral fever and at one time no allopathic antibiotic was working so I mixed Sannon Khas and Podina churan in my tea.The fever went immediately.I recently had inflamation of my abdomen and stomach and the Hakkem gave me Mulayyan Churna.Yellow,capsule shapeed organise came out in my stool in thousands.They have just stopped.
    I have known side effects when I took overdose of Tibetan medicine in the form of sleeplessness.Immipramine in lage doses for a limited period solves the problem.There was also a debilitating side effect of Tibetan medicine which only responded to smoking and then chewing local tobacco in a pipe or hukkah.
    Leucoderma responds to diluted clove oil as in Dabur Red toothpaste.
    I also have eye infection.It is controlled by Dabur toothpste and Andre eye drops but doesn’t go.
    I have piles for which I use medicated soap and Dabur toothpaste.It is under control.I intend to ask my tibetan physician for medicine.My father who also had piles got it settled through a surgical procedure.
    I tell my medicine to everyone.The tibetan medicine which used to work against acute nerve disorder which most people treat with heroin now no longer works alone.I have to have immipramine.
    There is a ver useful drug called dolocide k.It heals injured muscles and stops internal bleeding.Dolocide k which is vitamin k or potassium diclofenaq must not be taken in excess it should preferably be under medical supervision but it is a sure short life saver.
    In Delhi,India there are dangerous inse3cts which reach the brain through entry in the ears nose and even feet.They are common in beds and sofa sets.If not treated they can cause severe head aches,coma and ultimately heamoraghe as in Yasir arafats case.The strains in Delhi are resistant to most allopathic antibiotics.They can be neutralised by the bodies immune system but I take tibetan medicine fior it along with Indian sweetener Mishri.
    There are bladder infections which makes it difficult to urinate which resp[ond to eating neem leaves and cloves.
    Secret:If you have a congested chest,bad throat,nasal congestion then you can put a sample of fluid from throat or nose or both into a cup and add half cupfull of water.Run this in a microwave oven for five to six minutes,strain and drink.This is magic.The organism loses immunity to most drugs and the body too learns to fight the organism better.This is the only way to treat intractible conditions.Things like juices,caffeine and other non prescription antibiotics work.Pepsi which now has caffeine and acidity regulater works.I prefer Ayurvedic Indian antibiotics and natural substances but allopathic antibiotics too work but would you much rather settle it with Pepsi?
    A new remedy for acidity.This remedy is available only in India.Take Hamdard Sanoon Khas and mulayan and poidina churna.Acidity is gone.Remedy for cancer take citrus peels mosami tangerine grapefruit and malta orange.Churn in mixie with water strain and drink the cancer’s gone.hamdard khushta marjan jawaharwala s a powerful and harmless tranquiliser it goes well with tibetan medicine niga and allopathic medicine amitriptyline and imipramine.a combination of these cure drug alcohol and cigarette addiction.A cure for circulation problems and serious throat infection(Farmer’s cough):There is a machine calle3d Daioly Jogger marketed by Deemark in India its very good for restoring circulation problems and Farmer’s cough.Infact its the only thing I know that can cure farmers cough in the midlle and latter stages.
    Thats all.
    I have recently discovered products from deemark which reverse organ and bone damage.They are called musles pro mass pro ever mass.There are five different ones.I put two teaspoonfuls each of them in a mixie along with deemark growth plus,citrus peels and chrans and hamdard sanoon khas.Four glands activated the testicles which produce testosterone the pituatry which produces human growth harmone and two others left and right of the abdomen which I could not identify.My back liver pancreas lungs have had injuries reversed.My muscular development was stunted by food i had at bombay gymkhana club at insistance of cathedral and john connan school mumbai.I have had asthma since i was seven no trace ofr asthma left liver too is healthy.But as usual my mother sent me to a mental institution where a nurse knotted the veins in my l;eft and right hand blood supply has been affected if anyone has a remedy please inform me.
    One of my dog; had a galloping cancerous growth in his abdomen.I now have six dogs and had become careless and spotted it at third stage there was a black patch of skin where he had the tumour.AS I spotted it i at once went to the deep freeze of my refrigerator and took out peels of one grapefrut and one malta orange.I churned them in a mixie with raw honey and made him swallow two mouthfuls the next morning his cancer tumour had shrunk.In three days he was running about and playing with the other dogs.
    One more medication for intestinal blockage caused by poisoning along with triphla churna(ground amla seeds)and aloe vera juice is khas sharbat,These three taken together for a few days settle all conditions.
    For a long time i had a mental condition caused by head injury in early childhood.It was incorrectly diagnosed as Schizophrenia by a corrupt and incompetent psychiatrist and he used to whisk me away at wil.During one such internment I read a text book on psychiatry which belonged to a trainee psychiatric nurse.It stated that schizophrenia was a disease caused by malformation of the brain.ON being released from there i immediately had by bran scanned through MRI scanner machine.It indicated a normal brain for a 58 year old.Some time late i took a course of tulsi extract capsules and i am now normal.
    An effective treatment for spondilitis and rheumatoid arthritis is the anti oxidant,mineral and vitamin combination which is in Vitoxy capsule a preparation from an indian pharmaceutical company.Just two or three capsules settle the condition.I take a capsule everyday.

    Settling deadly viral infestations

    It’s really simple. You have to boost the immunity of mosquitos and let them bite after that. Antibodies come into the body through mosquito bites. Boosting immunity of mosquitos is done through making mosami juice and triphala churna or powder4 (Apollo {Pharmacy) and letting mosquitos feed on it. This will give immunity and cure from the AIDS virus. The Ebola virus too may be settled this way but first there has to be a cure. Curing the Ebola virus may be simple but it has to be confirmed before I can be sure. Make a hornet bite. This is not as bad as it seems as the hornet is there for this purpose. It will give a gentle sting which is difficult to feel. Then a bee has to bite and fi8nally a wasp. The wasp sting is painful but the remedy which uses onion and vinegar settles it at once. Try this on an Ebola virus patient. He or she will have antibodies. Then let the fortified mosquitos bite they will spread immunity everywhere.  

    This treatment is partially based on experiment. I left mosami juice mixed with triphala powder outside my house in the garden. There was a dramatic decline in the incidence of malaria in India in the next few months. I had told my gardener about it. He alerted the municipality and the concoction I had made was sterilized just before the activation of dengue virus season. There was sharp increase in the incidence of dengue fever w2hich already stated can be cured by chewing cloves. In Africa there has been a decrease in disease epidemics as the mosquitos reached Africa but the incidence of dengue skyrocketed. I had recommended citrus mosami and trphala to be given to mosquitos in Africa through Facebook. It’s only a matter of time, if this was done that the dengue virus too will be neutralized. And so will the Ebola and other American created viruses. 

    Another way that help mosquitos to immunize humans is to make raw honey with triphala churna available to them this is effective against the ebola virus and possibly cancer.

    Mercury, in safe quantities was used in ancient India to cure intractable infectious diseases.  It was given along with medicinal herbs and I recommend citrus peels and juice. This treatment may settle herpes simplex and tuberculosis and many infections 

    I had very bad blood circulation terminal cancerous condition and potential heart condition.I am non alcoholic I drank large quantities of my urine.this has settled blood circulation and along with non boiled cows milk coffee and ground water my cancerous tumours have shrunk and I am well on the road to recovery.

    I do not drink alcohol alcoholic urine does not work calf urine and urine of new birns can also be taken.



    Note on Skin Diseases

    Streptococcus, Acne, and Warts. There is only one certain cure for this. It is the juice of Grapefruit. Grapefruit are not to be mistaken for grapes. Grapefruit is available online throughout the year, and in season, in markets in India.

    Grapefruit has to be applied on the affected area and then it has to be washed with very hot water. The disease goes instantly with this process.

    Minor burn which gives reddish tinge to the skin. This is sometimes due to the intake of homeopathic medicine and application of antiseptic. The only cure I know of this is application of antiseptic. The only cure I know of this is application to affected area with powder charcoal. This sticks to the skin for 4-7 days in the form of a scab and when it comes off, the skin is normal.

    Psoriasis is cured with the application of camphor oil. Camphor oil is also effective in many minor skin ailments.

    There are skin diseases which respond to surgical spirit and many strong antiseptic washes. These antiseptic washes are particularly good for scalp infection. An example of strong antiseptic washes is total ten which is made in India with ten different antiseptic substances. Tincture Iodine and Ethanol which come in the form of after-shave lotion and colognes are also very helpful. There is one intractable skin ailment where the skin keeps peeling, can be on the face and hand. The only cure I know for this is grapefruit juice. I do not know the name of this ailment.

    Treatment for leukoderma. Application of clove oil cream settles this condition. Clove oil cream is not as yet available for medical purposes, but there is clove oil in certain toothpaste like Promise and Dabur Red. These serve the purpose.

    Treatment for keloids. In medical journal it is written that operating on keloids makes them worse. I have had keloids and I have made an incision on each of them with a blade and then applied clove oil cream. This has settled a difficult problem. The key is no chemical should be applied to keloids.

    This passage settles almost all skin diseases. Ground water is also very good for people with skin problems.

    Ashwini Kumar Puri

    Alias: Raajaa Bakhshi Puri

    22nd May 2019