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    Maths Game for Children

    Mummy has to Earn Ganesh

    Requirements: rice puffs, mishri, sweets and ganesh. Mummy gets ten rice puffs every day; she finds them very tasty, sometimes she takes some in advance. So you have to write in a book day one mummy got ten rice puffs and took two advance so she got twelve, she gets only eight tomorrow. On day two mummy got eight rice puffs and took three advance so she got eleven and gets seven on day three. Mummy got seven rice puffs on day her stomach was bad so she only ate two and saved five. On day four she gets ten and her savings are taken back. Mummy’s stomach was slightly better on day five so she ate five puffs and her savings were five and total savings are ten. So mummy earns her first mishri in exchange for ten rice puffs. On day six she gets her mishri and ten puffs. She has to earn ten mishris for one sweet and when she saves ten sweets she gets ganesh. She rewards her son with Laxmi. This can be written by the child both in table form and prose. He or she should learn arithmetic, writing and simple accounts apart from having fun. Raj

    Today  mummy  went  to  London  for  ten days  I  had  to  learn to  count to  hundr as  she  had to take ten  days supply saplai. mum mam rung up ap from fraum London landan that she went veint to tu a  a party paatee and ate et too much mach and aind that thait she shee will vil be bi saving her huu puffspufs. so she shee has haiz saved sevd ten tein. . this dis carried kairid on aun every eivree day de so so she shee saved sevd a hundred, she shee will vil be bi getting geiting a a fritella frooteillaa directly daireiktlee. mummy’s work wuuk in in London landan was vauz successfulsakseisful, she shee was vaus guven givan a a celebratery lunch lanch at ait work wuuk;she overaate ovuuet and aid decided disaided to tu skip skip lunch dinner dinuu. ma  maa felt feilt hangree at night nait and aid had haid huu fruitella frooteillaa;she shee is iz back baik to tu square skvuu one van. mummy asked if she could eat twenty tveintee puffs pafs so she could kud reduce ridyoos her huu food food intake intek as az she shee was vauz getting fat fait;I have hav to tu count to twenty tveintee every eivree day de. I am getting fed up of writing,  I will make a table instead-qopataa kotaa, advace savings puffs, mushree fruitella and ganesh.

    This is giving also in spelling to teac pronunciation.

    Further explanation:

    Mathematics has to be taught with practical examples to be easy to understand. We were taught to memories multiplication tables and only later told the practical uses.

    For instance we can teach practical multiplication and division by citing practical examples. Twelve sweets have to be equally divided between four children, so how many will each get? Four slots can be created and one sweet at a time be put in each slot till the twelve are exhausted. There will be three sweets per child, so twelve divided by four equals three. Similarly multiplication: there are four children with three sweets each; how many sweets in all. Take three sweets in four slots count the total it’s twelve. So four multiplied by three equals twelve.

    There are complicated problems involving brackets multiplication division addition and subtraction there is a simple rule leant through the word bodmas where brackets have to be solved first the n division then multiplication then subtraction.

    Spend a little time thinking you will learn to teach through rules and practicals.

    Shunnu Puri