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    Management Admission Tests

    Numerical: There are questions which have two numbers on either side of a bracketed number. Then there are two numbers on either side of a blank bracket. You have two find what fits in the bracket. In the first case the bracketed number is usually half/one third/one fourth/double. Three times/four times the difference between the numbers outside the brackets. Example:






    Interview: they show you three identical cigarette boxes ask you to tell the standard deviation. The answer is there is no standard deviation as the boxes are all the same size.


    In the verbal test you have to know your prepositions and have a reasonable vocabulary.


    Group discussion they often but not always ask decentralization versus centralization. You can say if there is good information flow everyone knows what some have planned so decision making is quicker. But of the information flow is not good then decisions are based on price and mistakes can be made: the price of potatoes was high so too many people grew potatoes. There is over supply. There can be questions on capitalism socialism etc. but this is rare as most people have expected it. They also test your general knowledge.


    Management schools are expensive but if you get in as you will if you choose management it is vary easy to get loans.