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    In the USA the law is the Biggest Criminal

    An example I would like to cite is the prosecution and conviction of Tookee Williams. He was convicted of murder on the grounds that someone under oath stated that he was told by the defendant that he told him and boasted to him about the crime of murder. There was no other evidence against him. This conviction on circumstantial evidence is like from the theatre of the absurd but was it is more shocking that he was given death penalty.

    Now I would like to cite a personal example: My total dues worldwide stand at over ten billion dollars but I am penniless because it is too expensive in India to realise them. I told someone in the New York customs about it who was sitting on millions of mine. Shortly afterwards I got an email from an FBI official stating that my identity documents had been used to defraud a German business man of 400 billion dollars. Can an individual especially if he is a businessman be defrauded of even one dollar? What is more shocking is the absurdity that an individual can have 400 billion dollars. He asked me to get a clean bill certificate for 250 dollars. I had to refer him to Criminal investigation Service of the US embassy in New Delhi after which I never heard from him again.