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    I first contacted the South African government

    I first contacted the South African Govt, in 1985. Nelson Mandela was in Jail with no prospects of release. I told them about the worth of citrus-Grape Fruit and Malta oranges-the peels can be processed with honey, ginger, clove, cinnamon, ginger root etc.,  to make cancer preventing and cancer arresting biscuits-the juice can be processed into alcohol to drive generators, motor pumps cars etc. . I am working on helium/vacuum air ships with voice command and centralized computerized navigation without pilots, low energy polymer compressed air conditioners polymer housing the air ships will also be made of polymers. Missiles with polymers and helium/vacuum will be immune to radar. No nuclear weapons. Everyone in Africa can avail of this facility with an economic base that is citrus. I have previously singled handedly had mobile phones laptops and the internet developed. They are with my digital technology. Cigarettes have a cancerous burner which has tar. Tobacco only contains citric acid and nicotine both are good for health, tobacco can be mixed with bees wax honey ethanol to make a non tar non cancerous smoke which settles many re3spiratory conditions. It has saved my life when solidified mucous bit got into my lungs. It was expelled by coughing after smoking this preparation. . . The British made sugar after tasting our mishri which has a different processing process. Sucrose does not cause diabetes and cancer it is processing chemicals in sugar. Good chocolate can be made from mishri. Rice cultivation causes mosquitos to spawn and causes HIV by bites if there is a HIV positive person. When mosquitos bite, they draw blood, they also leave behind something. If there is an HIV positive who is bitten the subsequent people who are bitten also get it. Rice cultivation has to be stopped. There are no mosquitos in Europe and USA that is why AIDES there has been arrested.

    Citrus cultivation was something none intellectually inclined people can do it is easy. The whites of South Africa decided to give Indians and colored people equality and release nelson Mandela. An economic base for Africa has to be developed fast6/26/2014 8: 09: 53 PM.