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    How to teach History and Geography

    Show the sun and moon and stars-they are all round so the earth observed from the moon will also appear round i.e. the earth is round. Talk about the sea, river and mountains as natural boundaries. In the past boundaries were marked by these. History was made when someone crossed the boundary-that is for observation or invasion. Tell about the history of India; about how the Indus valley collapsed due to rice cultivation, tree cutting and starving animals to death. . Tell how the Aryans brought animals whose urine fertilized the soil and quickly grew what they had brought with them Tell them about Alexander-how he could not find a single house in North India and how the mosquito killed him through malaria. How they were better houses then they were used to in South India and had he reached it, they would have been permanent occupation. Tell when the sun shines on trees the leaves whither and water vapour is released into the atmosphere. Tell him it rains too much in southern India, and that there is the need to clear forests to reduce rainfall and to grow Burma teak. As rainfall reduces it will be possible to grow fruit as it will stop raining when the trees flower. Tell him how primitively wars were fought till the British studied the Vedas-they had sailing ships for thousands of years, in a short time they got the steam ship Agni whose flames drive horses. Tell her about how Anglo Indians sent a wire to Lahore and Indian lost the 1857 war. How the two world wars were necessary to give the Jews their homeland and get India independence. Tell a little world history and geography-of how Columbus discovered America in quest of India. Of how Russia has never invaded another country till the communists took over-of how the British gave Karl Marx asylum to write Das capital and then refused it to the Czar his wife six daughters and one son-how they were all shot at point blank range.

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