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    How I defeated the Indian Dravidian Army

    I was travelling to South and West India on an education al tour. I had a free pass as Dad was in The Indian Railways. The Dravidian army had its sight on me as Uncle Geeshi my uncle had given me army rum. We were in a train from Cochin to Bangalore. We checked our money the army fellow was listening. My companion who was in first class and I in third class as officers children were permitted an attendant. . The ticket checker came and asked for my ticket. I told him that I am travelling as my companion`s attendant. But you`re not his attendant the ticket checker said. No I replied. Then you have to pay he said. We went to my com pinion in first class. The ticket checker made the ticket plus fine. We pulled out our money. We were nine rupees 10 paisa short. I told my companion to pull out the torn note. They accepted it leaving us with 90 paisa in Bangalore station. It was enough to contact dad`s friend. We fled Bangalore after agreeing never Dravidian land again.We were on train to Vasco an Indian Navy officer was travelling with us. He asked for the rum. I ignored the request. Defeated Indian Navy.In Mumbai there was a Citibank relation of my friend where I spent my first night. She got at me in the morning. Escaped to my masis house. The fellow got me back. We have a party with fill, m stars. Randhir Kapoor was there. What do you do? We`re students. He started rambling his usual filmy party line. I was smoking Rothmans. A Punjabi earns five hundred spends seven hundred and tells everyone he is earning fifteen hundred. The Citibank`s fellow`s name was Hora. He asked him are you a male whore. That was enough. Never to Mumbai again.