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    Explaining Chemistry and Physics to Children

    Get a hydrogen gas balloon. See, how it rises but held with a string’s a match to, it explodes, the hydrogen has combined with the oxygen in the air to become water...physics hydrogen is the lightest element much lighter than nitrogen, the major composition of air. Air is a mixture of gasses-carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxygen etc. Explain the periodic table.hydrogen,is lighter than helium is lighter than lithium etc. Light a match there is phosphorous combining with something to promote combustion then wood mostly carbon burns and consumes oxygen Explain reaction of hydrogen and oxygen to form water. Draw chemical bonds. Express reactions to form salts,al;kaline acids and there intereaction.explain rocket and internal combustion take your unk’s whiskey a drop only tell her to see how it combusts to give carbon dioxide and water-C2H5OH(I think, please check)+number O2 gives some number carbon dioxide and water  look up a book-explain photosynthesis 6CO2 + 6H2O gives C6 H12O6 Glucose +6O2.carry on. She is three, she should do the eighth class paper by tomorrow evening. Good Luck. Love Shunnu Puri