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    Destructive hand of Western Europe everywhere

    People only consider the holocaust of the Jews as the destructive hand of Western Europe.  Western Europeans have also plundered, pulverized and decimated the natives of America.  Western Europeans have divided India in a manner that may lead to its destruction.  Western Europe has left Africa in a similar manner.  Artificial boundaries which inflate defense costs and disputes.  This is just a sample.  Think and you will find the destructive hand of Western Europe everywhere.  The Western Europeans just need an excuse.  The USA is mostly West European.  They have created trouble in Vietnam and Korea.  Now they are trying to destroy the Islamic world on the flimsy ground of a terror attack.  Western Europeans I curse thee:  May everyone in its family die, may it end its life a beggar, may it burn eternally in hell.  OM AIM HREEM KALEEM>OM EM KALEEM SAUM