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    Desecration of a Wonderful Language

    India has a wonderful language in Sanskrit.  Sanskrit, of which Sanskrit is the Anglicized name still has more than one hundred thousand words not found in any other language including Indian languages.  

    The meaning of the name:  Mohandas Karam Chand Gandhi.  Mohan in Sanskrit means the lord Shiva.  Das means to give, while Mohandas means of two writers.  Karam is a reed for writing and Chand means bright.  Gandhi means fragrance.  Hindi which claims to be derivative of Sanskrit claims that Mohan means lord Krishna and that Das means slave.  The Sanskrit word of slave is Dasa which also means thief.  Hindi claims karam to be labour or duty but Karam is a reed for writing.  Duty or labour is Karma very different to karam.  There is ambiguity in Chad as spelled in English.   As there can be two words in Sanskrit spelled the English way.  Chand with soft d means as stated bright but Chand with hard d is manly which the meaning of Charles in English and Latin is also.  

    Sanskrit is written in the Nagri script whose name was changed to Dev nagri after independence.  Gandhi is interpreted as grass in Hindi (Bhargava’s Dictionary) but there is no reference in Monier Williams’s dictionary to Gandhi as grass.  

    Similarly in Sanskrit there are thousands of words with classical meanings for instance my name:  Ashwinkumar which means father of the first physician and my surname:  Puri which means to lead.  My pet name:  Shunnu has more than thirty meanings among them Indra, the god of lightning and electricity,  Vaayu the God of wind and a Gandharv King.  Gandharvs were the husbands of the Apsarasses who were educated and qualified women fond of water.  

    There has been no development of Sanskrit for over two thousand years but it still is the most developed language in terms of word content and grammar