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    City of the Future

    The city of the future will have houses with  centralized cooling system using a one watt helium compressor. Waste like feaces and urine will be processed into manure and be diverted to the garden will have fruit groves grown from seeds and flowers etc as suits the taste of the inhabitants. Food ingredients will be put in a processor for making food will be completely automatic. The flush in the toilet will automatically work, The size of the family will be larger than now. On the roof there will be helium airships for up to ten occupants though most travel will be solo. You get into the ship and call your destination and time to reach. The centralized computer navigation system will automatically adjust speed to reach you to your destination at the right time. You can read a book, hear the news or watch a movie. Water will be got from underground and processed to required quality. The houses will be of plastics like polymers and acrylics. Lifts will take you from one floor to another, though there will not be more than three floors. The low power required due to helium technology may do away with external electricity and an independent source of power may be feasible. The entire city will have computerized air navigation. The houses will be considerably bigger than at present and as power and water are self generated the city will be much vaster. Food will be delivered by air. Helium transportation is the cheapest form of transportation. The technology to extract helium is now available in India. For producing helium any natural gas is subjected to gamma radiation from a cobalt sixty source. Large scale helium production is now done in plant factories using temperature control technology. Another way to reduce the weight of a transportation system is to create a vacuum. The compressors will be of strong polymers as will super computers the size of present mobile phones. The residential unit will have contingency for agriculture on the roof. There will be many pets which are food in an emergency. . Coarse grains can be grown on the roof to feed pets.    




    Health in the city of the future. People from childhood would be eating citrus peels. Diabetes would be nonexistent and with the elimination of servants poisoning would be unknown. Everyone would be prosperous, there would be only personal work to do. The house would be an independent unit and family members involved in it. Everyone would have helium or vacuum air ships to travel for leisure, or shopping.