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    Astrology in my life

    My father was an enthusiastic astrologer and I picked up his hobby. I principally studied astrology to analyses my own chart. I had drawbacks as my correct name raja bakhshi was only on my birth certificate which was only required at a much later date my name given to my schools was Ashwini Kumar Puri which created innumerable obstacles from birth furthermore my date of birth was incorrect on my educational certificates. This led to casting of the wrong chart I used to follow astrology diligently ad even my incorrect chart was very good. Casting of the incorrect chart along with an incorrect name led to multiplying enemies and huge problems the turning point of my life was imprisonment which ruined my chances of marriage and will lead to my extinction.
    It is my view that a person who does not know astrology isn’t educated. After imprison which cased very serious warps in my already warped psychosexual nature assured that I lead to a path which would end Hinduism and Christianity and lead back to the Vedic era.