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    Astrological chart of brother and sister


    Astrological chart of brother and sister:Christine Marie Evert was born on 18 october 1953 that is divalee day 01/01/2000.first day os Shukla paksh twenty first century.I was born on 16 october 1955 first day of the navratra.Her ascendant is Queen and mine is leader.Her chart is passive to mine and she will rule the western world under my direction:my chart is kings for marriage:it isn’t possible to marry without being one.I had predicted that together we will achive absolute surrender from all sides about a year and a halkf ago after I came to know she was my sister.This will materialize shortly.Raksh Tejashwin posha Peru Reto Vevi Pins Yuj Puri!st March 2007.Ashwini Kumar Puri/Toorvi Raj Puri/Raj Posha Puri