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    Aspects on Nuclear Energy.

    Quick Uranium Enrichment:Lasers heat the uranium ore to plasma state which enriches uranium much faster.
    Energy from nuclear fusion:Lasers heat tritium and deuterium to 200 million degrees which make fusion possible.There is a titanium dioxide super conducting magnet,cooled to almost absolute zero which rotates by the controlled fusion process and generates electricity.A prototype which works has been developed in South Korea.South Korea hopes to start commercial production by 2040.Prototypes,so far unsuccessful have been developed in many other countries.Iran hopes to develop this system by 2020.

    It has recently been published that the USA has made a breakthrough in nuclear fusion through laser technology but still not good enough to break even.My sugested system uses both laser and magnets which have so far not been developed together.THe European.Japanese and south korean systems use magnets while americans use laser.