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    Anecdotes from my past School days

    When I joined the Doon School There were sugar pots and we could add as much sugar to our tea and milk. I used to put half a spoon. The bearer told the house dame that I had only half a spoon with my tea. The dame in turn told the house master saying it was a good thing. The house master told the head master who ruled that in future tea and milk would have prefaded sugar of half a spoon. The sugar pots were removed. Shortly after that we learnt that A E Foot the first head master of the school had died at the age of seventy eight while playing a tennis match. I was in trouble but have saved the entire school boys from diabetes.

    When I was in the 10th standard due to move into the eleventh standard we were returning home for our winter recess. We were due to board the train from Dehra Dun to New Delhi. All the boys except me charged in to claim their seats. I thought there would be a berth for me. As it happened we were a berth short. As the only senior among the boys I could have bullied someone to sleep on the trunk. Instead I told them not to worry as I liked to read at night. There was war between India and Pakistan, there were no lights in  the train. I read lying on the trunk with candles till 5 AM. I was reading Taylor Caldwell. There was a Muslim boy on the upper berth who offered his berth to me which I very gratefully accepted. The next term we learnt that Nikhilesh Senapati was the school captain.

    Dehra Dun was where the Indian Medical Academy was situated. I was related to the commandant. I was called in the tenth to watch the annual polo match. I remember eating the delicious chicken sandwiches. The next year I was called and in addition five more boys were called. They gave the invitation to Nikhilesh Senapati. They went without me telling me to meet them at five at a particular point. I reached there at quarter to five and waited till quarter past five there was no sight of them. I proceeded to the Indian Military Academy where the sentry never let me in as I did not have an invitation. I had to watch the match from the staff gallery and was in a lot of trouble as it was considered dissent. It was also very bad for the commandant. Nikhilesh Senapati and his gang which included Kanti Bajpai and Vivek Ramchandani couldn`t have been a worse example. They were flirting with the officer`s wives instead of watching the match.  

    During a social with our sister school Welham Girl`s School, I went to the toilet. A cup was lying on top of the cistern .I masturbated and left my semen in it, while putting it under the cistern.There is no way to confirm this but I feel a childless woman accepted it and I may be a great grandfather at my 59 years of age.

    Indira was fifteen It was New Year`s Eve 1969. Dad had just been transferred from Delhi to Mumbai. My mother`s brother in law Jai Gopal Singh Kendal who had been responsible for granddad`s prolonged illness and death was staying in Malabar Hills. We were in a flat in Cuffe Parade. Mum and Dad had a programme at a club. Jai Gopal Singh`s family were away for vacation to granddad`s house in New Delhi. Jai Gopal Singh Kendal said he wasn`t doing anything on New Year`s Eve and said Indira and I should join him. Mum and Dad left us at Kendal`s house and left for the club. Kendal brought a glass of what looked like coca cola and handed it over to Indira and said he had to go wish fellow flat mates. Indira handed it over to me. I smelt rum. There were possibly other things in it. I took it to the bathroom and drained it in the wash basin. He came with another glass, handed it over to Indira and again went. Again into the wash basin. A third time the same thing was done. I feel it was meant for me. We had read a lot of Agatha Christy.Kendal next took us to Kwality`s Restaurant where we had Chinese food.  On returning Kendal brought a bucket of flowers and put them in the bathroom tub. Told me to wait till the bucket was full of water and then turn the tap off. He caught hold of my sister and dragged her to the bedroom. Indira burst into tears and he had to stop. He left for a party in another flat. Leaving us with the cook. Had I tried to defend Indira he would have killed me, raped and killed Indira and then killed the cook and would have made out that the cook was responsible tried his best but failed. There were no DNA tests then.Dad came to take us away. You were alone with Jai?