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    A Tribute to Mum

    Mum was an incredibly beautiful women she had twin girls at the age of twenty five o was bornnwhen she was twenty seven years old she martief my father a mechanical engineer in the Indian railways in his posting in Sholapur she developed pomegranite farms she was s medical graduate and knee how to make extracts pomegranite extracts is an aid in the treatment of meningitis she next was at nagpur where she developed citrus farms ectractd made from citrus fruit and peels they aid in the treatment of degenerative diseases like cancer diabetes and many more she next went to Jhansi her father was down with a strike and she went to Delhi to pay her respects to granddad there was an Indian army officer the col jai gopal singh Kendal he drugged her food and she got herpes simplex she committed suicide at the age of twenty eight