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         The writer has written in English but this website is designed in the three language formular. Students are advised to first read it in their mother tongue and only after that in Hindi and English.  This study will improve language skills which is also an objective of the writer.  In short it is also attempt to improve mastery of English and Hindi.

     The writer comes from a lineage of royalty who went on to become legal medical and engineering personnel and were involved in education. His mother is a medical graduate and his father a mechanical engineering administrator in the Indian railways. His education began way before he joined school by his mother. At the age of three he precociously conceived of the monorail which he used to suggest have independent cubicles with steering at the hands of passengers. He has since conceived of many engineering marvels and done original work in medicine and everything he does has an independent and original contribution. His individual contributions are due to a life time of leisure which he spent reading non-fiction. His autobiography is somewhat like Einstein’s who wrote his autobiography according to his intellectual development